Feature Film - Omaha - Directed by Cole Webley

Currently in post production. The film Omaha, produced by Preston Lee & Sanctuary Films, is the story of a single father (John Magaro) who has reached the end of his rope. He and his children set out on the road trip of a lifetime where we see what it truly means to be a father. Produced in association with my company, Monarch Content, I am credited as a Co-Producer on the film and I worked side by side with Preston, John Foss, Nik Hill & Russ Kendal in making this movie happen.

This being my first feature, I wasn't sure where my skills would come in handy outside of post production. But very quickly, I became heavily involve—solving all sorts of problems. Most of my time was spent in locations—both scouting and managing, picture vehicles, art, logistics & now helping manage the post production schedule.

Here are some behind the scenes photos from the shoot that I took with my DSLR & film camera, happy to discuss the film in more detail upon request—this was a huge learning opportunity I wouldn't trade for anything.